string archive to send a Base64 encoded archive file for us to import all media from. Note, this will override any other content options - for lists with Email Format options, you'll need to turn on generate_text as well string archive_type optional - only necessary for the "archive" option. Supported formats are: zip, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar, tgz, tbz . If not included, we will default to zip If you chose a template instead of pasting in your HTML content, then use "html_" followed by the template sections as keys - for example, use a key of "html_MAIN" to fill in the "MAIN" section of a template. * @param array $segment_opts optional - if you wish to do Segmentation with this campaign this array should contain: see campaignSegmentTest(). It's suggested that you test your options against campaignSegmentTest(). * @param array $type_opts optional - For RSS Campaigns this, array should contain: string url the URL to pull RSS content from - it will be verified and must exist string schedule optional one of "daily", "weekly", "monthly" - defaults to "daily" string schedule_hour optional an hour between 0 and 24 - default to 4 (4am local time) - applies to all schedule types string schedule_weekday optional for "weekly" only, a number specifying the day of the week to send: 0 (Sunday) - 6 (Saturday) - defau Subscrição de Newsletter | Sociedade Filarmónica Humanitária

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